Why Metronome Plus?

Elegant Interface– We went through three professional design teams to hit upon the user interface for this app. We think it’s the best in the app store. Easy to access buttons, swipe to open the menu panel where all settings can be changed with a single tap.

Beautiful Digital Pendulum Animation– Our take on the traditional pendulum motion found on many metronomes. The animation is fluid, accurate and very easy to follow- even in silent mode!

Professional Sound Design– Our sounds have been professionally created and optimised to be as loud and clear as possible when playing through the built in speakers of your iOS device.

Accurate Metronome Engine– The sound engine interfaces directly with low level API’s to give you the most accurate time possible on iOS. No other metronomes on the app store surpass our accuracy.

Robust Feature Set– Customize accents, meters, subdivisions and sounds.

Drop Down Menu Tab– Simple tap or swipe to reveal the menu bar. From here you can set all functions with a single tap.

Commitment– We have tons of additional features planned for this app and are committed to releasing them in a series of regular updates.

Features at a glance

★Retina display graphics
★Sleek and simple design with ergonomic touch interface
★Beautiful digital pendulum animation
★Four distinctive sound sets
★Sounds are among the loudest possible on iOS
★Realistic Tempo Scroll Wheel
★Tempo range from 30-300
★Screen lock
★Incredibly accurate metronome engine
★Drop down menu where you can change all settings with a single touch
★Meter- 8 most common meters
★Subdivisions- quarters, eighths, sixteenths and triplets
★Accents- program accents to occur on any beat

We have some big features in store for our next update and will be raising the price at that time. Buy our metronome app now and receive all future upgrades for free!



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